Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery at Lakewood is a Christ-centered 12 step program for anyone struggling with a hurt, hang up, or habit. We name our higher power as Jesus Christ. We use the Bible as our main text. We read the Word and reference scripture in our lessons. Recovery only happens in a relationship with Jesus.
Celebrate Recovery is unique for everyone. One of the biggest misconceptions about Celebrate Recovery is that it is only for drug or alcohol addictions. While many people attend Celebrate Recovery for those issues, two thirds of attendees come for something other than drugs or alcohol. No matter what you are going though, Celebrate Recovery is for you.
Five Promises God extends
  1. If you are hurt, God says, "I will heal you."
  2. If you are confused, God says, "I will lead you."
  3. If you feel helpless, God says, "I will help you."
  4. If you feel alone, God says, "I will comfort you."
  5. If you feel anxious and afraid, God says, "I will offer peace to you."

Trusting in His promises, we find hope for a better future and a life of freedom, peace, and happiness.

Celebrate Recovery Meetings
Each Tuesday
at Lakewood Baptist Church
619 Ferrell's Loop Road
Beechgrove, TN

Fellowship Meal - 6:15 PM
Large Group Worship - 7:00 PM
Small Group Open Share - 8:00 PM